Newlin Township


Census 2020:

If you have a P. O. Box, we strongly encourage you to visit  The Census Bureau cannot mail forms to post office boxes.  People who have P. O. boxes will not receive paper forms.  However, people who do not receive a census invitation with the ID can still fill out the form online or over the phone. 

The 2020 United States Census will be the twenty-fourth United States Census. National Census Day, will be April 1, 2020.

The 2020 Census is easy, confidential and important

In March and April of 2020, the U.S. Census Bureau will be conducting the 2020 Census, as is required by Article 1,Section 2 of the United States Constitution which mandates a count of all the people living in the United States every ten years. Because the 2020 Census affects the future distribution of state and federal funding to Chester County's governments and social service organizations, the Chester County Commissioners have established a Complete Count Committee to help ensure that all residents in Chester County are counted. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the Complete Count Committee for Chester County, and the 2020 Census in general.

When will the Census forms be mailed?

The 2020 Census will be mailing out materials to Chester County residents mostly during March and April of 2020.

March 12 to 20: Each residential address, including rental apartments, will be mailed a census invitation card, and instructions for the on-line submission. It will also explain how to fill out the form over the phone, or by using a paper form.

March 16 to 24: A reminder post card will be sent to each residential address.

March 26 to April 3: If you have not yet submitted your Census information, a reminder postcard will be sent to you.

April 8 to 16: If you have not yet submitted your Census information, a reminder letter and a paper questionnaire will be set to you.

April 20-27: If you have not yet submitted your Census information, you will be sent a final reminder and a notification that you may be visited by a Census taker.

Why is the 2020 Census important to my community?

  • The Census is used to apportion representation in the US House of Representatives as mandated by Article 1, Section 2 of the US Constitution.
  • The Census is also used in drawing the boundaries of congressional and state legislative districts, as well as voting precincts.
  • Census data is used in enforcing voting rights and civil rights legislation.
  • Census counts are used by federal agencies to distribute over $675 billion federal dollars to states and local municipalities.
  • Census information is used extensively by private businesses, government agencies, and service providers like hospitals and public water utilities.