Newlin Township                      
Open Space


February, 2016




Dear Newlin Residents:


Your Board of Supervisors is proposing an Open Space Referendum to be put before the voters of Newlin Township on Election Day,  November 8, 2016.  The purpose of this referendum is to provide funds to help Newlin residents in the process of placing their land under preservation easement.  The funds accumulated will NOT be used to purchase conservation easements but instead will be used to help residents with associated easement costs such as appraisals, survey, mapping, conservancy staff time, baseline documentation by botanists and ecologists, title insurance, etc.


Newlin is blessed with significant open space including ChesLen, The Laurels, and the contribution of land owners who have preserved their properties.  These conservation efforts benefit all of us as we enjoy the open feel of Newlin especially when compared to some adjacent townships which have “built-out” much of their townships.


The following example is provided to help you understand how an Open Space referendum might affect your taxes:


The current assessed value of property in Newlin is approximately $125,000,000.  Our current property tax rate is .75 mils.  For example, a dedicated open space increase of .15 mils would bring the  tax rate to .90 mils and would generate approximately $18,750/year based on an average assessed property value of $250,000 and would increase individual property taxes by about $37.50/year. The fund would be allowed to build and a committee of Newlin residents would evaluate requests for assistance in conservation costs following criteria designed by the committee.


The purpose of this letter is to advise you as to what the Board of Supervisors is proposing and to  encourage your participation in the process.  Preparations for a referendum are prescribed by Voter Services and the Township must begin preparation immediately in order to meet their deadline.  You are invited to attend the monthly Supervisors meetings on the 2nd Monday of each month at 8:00 p.m. at the Lenfest Center on Cannery Road to hear more.


Your Board of Supervisors,

Janie Baird

Bill Kelsall

Robert Pearson