Newlin Township


Newlin Township Recycling Tips:

 Please be advised that Newlin Township does not have a mandatory recycling program but we do encourage residents to recycle.

Electronics Recycling now FREE for Individuals:

Because of changes in market conditions, SECCRA is now able to accept your electronics for recycling at no charge. We are extending this to all residents in our service area. However, this does not include groups or companies, so fees may still apply to those entities. We are accepting them during our normal business hours at our landfill at 219 Street Road, West Grove PA.

In addition to SECCRA, several area businesses collect electronic waste, including the Goodwill store in Thorndale and the Best Buy store in Downingtown.

The Chester County Hazardous Waste sponsors several collection events throughout the year.  For a list of events contact the CCSWA at (610) 273-3771 or visit

Simple Steps to a Sustainable Life:

Plastic Bags:

Plastic bags are not accepted for the recylcing because the  material tends to "jam-up" recycling machines. However there are solutions available to recover plastic bags.  Many grocery stores will take back their store's plastic bags, collection bins are often loctaed near the store entrance or at the customer service counter.  And, if a grocery store does not collect plastic bags, customers can reuse these bags at the next time they go shopping.  Remember to always think twice before discarding a plastic bag.  It takes energy to produce and dispose of plastic bags, but it costs nothing to reuse them!