Newlin Township


Bill Kelsall, Chair

Jim Cornell, Vice Chair

Bob Pearson, Member



Tax Collector:

Kathleen Conway 

Tax Collectors:

Real Estate                                               Earned Income:

Berkheimer Associates                             Keystone Collections Group

50 North 7th Street                                 546 Wendell Road

Bangor, PA 18013                                    Irwin, PA 19642

(610) 588-0965                                         (724) 978-0300                  

                                                                 Taxpayer Helpline 1-866-539-1100

                                                                 The easy, fast and secure way to file your tax return.

                                                                 Go to:

Road Master:

Robert Pearson

Assistant to Road Master:

Barbara Forney

Vacancy Board:

Jim Tupitza


Planning Commission:

Bob Shippee, Chair

Lee Trainer, Vice Chair

Michael Mayer

Ben Barnett

Bonnie Kibbie


Gail Abel

Zoning Hearing Board:

James Tupitza

Delmont Bittle, Jr.

Lewis Barnard

Zoning Hearing Board Attorney, Ross Unruh, Esquire



Kristin Camp, Esquire of Buckley, Brion, McGuire & Morris, LLP



Jim Fritsch, Regester Associates (see permit tab for contact details)


Zoning/Building Officer:

Castle Valley Consultants, Inc.-Craig Kologie (see permit tab for contact details)

Fire Marshall & Emergency Management Coordinator:

Rich Hicks



Jerome Lisuzzo

Jason Evans

Nicole Evans

Regional Planning Commission:

Consists of East Marlborough, West Marlborough and Newlin Townships

Robert Pearson

Bob Shippee

Building Committee:

Bill Kelsall

Bob Shippee

Rick Kinergy

Marilyn Tully

Dan Finnerty

Animal Control:
Chester County SPCA, 1212 Phoenixville Pike, West Chester (610) 692-6113
Chester County Dog Warden Mauren Siddens (610) 909-5666

Library Representatives:
Barbara Forney
Loren Pearson

Open Space Committee:
Janet Sidewater, Chair
Missy Shaffer
Joe Torchiana
Andra Rudershausan
Melina McConatha

Open Records Officer:
Gail Abel

Stormwater Committee:
Jim Cornell
Bob Shippee

Kennett Fire and EMS Regional Commission:
Jim Cornell, Commissioner
William Kelsall, Alternate