Newlin Township

Public Works & Roads

To report a dead deer for removal from state roads, motorists can call the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation at 1-800-FIX-ROAD. Please drive safe.

Public Works & Roads:

PennDot maintains Brandywine Drive, Brandywine Creek Road, Green Valley Road, Stargazer Road, Strasburg Road and Rts. 162 and 842 in our Township.  If there is a concern or an issue like a tree down or a pothole, PennDot is who you call.  The District 6 PennDot Maintenance garage is on Rt. 162.  Their phone number is 484-340-3200.

All the other roads are maintained by the Township.  The State does provide funding for Township roads through our annual Liquid Fuels allotment which is based on population and the number of miles of Township maintained roads.  The Supervisors try to budget those funds wisely in order to cover the work that needs to be done during the year on Township roads.

For further clarification, the following roads in Newlin are Township roads:

Laurel, Youngs, Harvey's Bridge, Garnet, Wheatland, Scott, Powell, Hilltop View, Apple Grove, Cannery, Kelsall,  Marlboro Springs, Glen Hall, Oak Tree, Oak School, Indian Hannah, Beagle Club, Bailey Circle, Joshua Way, Wynchester Way, Newlin Greene Circle, Kimberwyck Way, Ground Hog College, Chestnut Hollow, Warpath and Galvin Circle.  

Please send all reports to the Secretary of the township at 610-486-1141 or