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July 29, 2017





Section 5 of Act 537 of January 24, 1966, P.L. 1535, known as the “Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act”, as amended, and Chapter 71.31 of Title 25 of the Pennsylvania Code of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Rules and Regulations, requires that this Public Notice be published as a service to the public.

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Supervisors of Newlin Township, Chester County, have developed its own Act 537 Plan as an update to the 1968 Chester County Act 537 Sewage Facilities Plan for the Township with the stated purpose to protect public health, to prevent sewage disposal problems and to protect groundwater and surface waters of the Commonwealth. The Act 537 Plan addresses the management of sewage facilities in the Township including plans to maintain onlot systems, to identify, and repair or replace malfunctioning systems through the use of alternate sewage disposal systems or individual small flow treatment facilities that discharge to Non-Special Protection waters within the Township.  No new sewage management facilities are proposed in this Act 537 Plan.  The long-term maintenance of onlot systems will be completed through a Sewage Management Plan.

Publication of this notice establishes a 30-day comment period beginning August 1, 2017. Copies of the Act 537 Plan are available by contacting the Township. Residents of Newlin Township and other interested parties should submit their comments to the Township on or before August 30, 2017. Comments should be directed to Gail Abel, Township Secretary by mail to: P.O. Box 447, Unionville, PA 19375 or online to:  If you are a person with a disability who wishes to review and comment on the proposed Act 537 Plan and requires an accommodation to do so, please contact the Newlin Township at 610-486-1141 to discuss how the Township may best accommodate your needs.



The Newlin Township Christina River Basin TMDL Plan is available for public review on the Township website at and by request at 610-486-1141 or Written comments from the public will be accepted for a period of 30 days from the date of this public notice.  Written and verbal comments will also be accepted at the Board of Supervisors meeting scheduled for July 10, 2017 at 8:00pm at the Lenfest Center and ChesLen Preserve at 1199 Cannery Road, Coatesville, PA 19320.  The TMDL Plan describes proposed measures to be taken to reduce sediment pollution to impaired streams within the Township and is a requirement of the Township’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit application.

See plan document below.

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