Newlin Township
Frequently Asked Questions
Please use the Township as the first point in contact for all applications.
Email: or Call: 610-486-1141 

Effective October 1st Castle Valley Consultants will be the Building Code & Zoning Officer.

Zoning/Building Officer:

Castle Valley Consultants

Craig Kologie-Building Code & Zoning

1011 Daisy Point Road

Pottstown, Pa 19465

Phone: (610) 469-8414

Fax: (610) 469-8415

Township Engineer:

Cedarville Engineering Group, LLC


1033 S. Hanover Street

Suite 300

N. Coventry, PA 19465

Phone: (610) 705-4500

Fax: (610) 705-4900

"Once permit applications are submitted for review, expenses will be incurred"

Fee Schedule Resolutions can be found on our Resolution tab

Township Forms & Applications
Please contact the Township direct for application requests. They can be emailed or mailed. or 610-486-1141

Document Library

Document2017-03 Fee Schedule Resolution2017-03 Fee Schedule Resolution
Document2017-04 Escrow Deposits SDLD Resolution2017-04 Escrow Deposits SDLD Resolution

Document Library

Document3.2013 Newlin SDLD Ordinance3.2013 Newlin SDLD Ordinance
Document3.2013 Newlin Zoning Ordinance3.2013 Newlin Zoning Ordinance
Document2014-01 Horse Boarding Ordinance Amendment2014-01 Horse Boarding Ordinance Amendment
Document2013-06 Stormwater Ordinance2013-06 Stormwater Ordinance